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"The mind is a terrible thing to waste"

A Child's Education

Shouldn't End Because

School's Out

Did you know that during the 10 weeks of summer vacation, children can lose between one month of school growth to 25% of the knowledge they learned during the school year?

Shouldn't My Child Get A Break?

It's okay to allow children to relax and have fun during their summer vacation--after all,they are just kids, and they worked hard all school year; but just because school's out doesn't mean their education should cease.

What Can I Do to Help My Child During the Summer?

Incorporating educatioal activities into your child's summer break will ensure that there isn't any academic regression. Here are a few summer suggestions:

  • Enroll your child into an affordable summer program

  • If you can't afford to enroll your child into a summer program, and he/she attends a public school in Miami-Dade County, iReady will still be accessible over the summer break. Allow your child to access iReady for a minimum of one hour each day--30 mins. for both Reading and Math
  • Buy books so your child can read over the summer--have your child write a book report or do activities with each book they read. Make it fun! For every book they complete, provide them with an incentive (ice cream, pool/beach day, extra time outside or playing video games, extra tv time, etc.). Another suggestion would be to have book discussions with your child
  • Check out books from your local library
  • Go on educational field trips--Frost Science Museum, Miami Seaquarium, Zoo Miami, Parrot Jungle Island, Lion Country Safari, Perez Art Museum Miami, etc. (the places mentioned are all located in Miami-Dade County)
  • Buy educational board games related to reading and math 

The possibilities are endless! The ultimate goal is to keep your child learning throughout the summer. In any case, the key to academic gains in the summer includes attending a summer program for 20 days or more, a program with engaging activities, and educators teaching for at least three hours a day (Chenoweth, K.)


Chenoweth, K. (2016). Tackling achievement gaps from summer learning loss.