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iTeach...iTutor LLC

Welcome Parents/Guardians! 

Download iTeach...iTutor LLC's parent handbook and register

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assistance he/she needs TODAY!

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Did your child score a level 1 or 2 on the FSA? If so, call and ask about our reading scholarship.

Parent Handbooks

Parent Handbook

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Manual Para Padres

Friends/Family Discount: Refer 5 friends/family and get $30 off your next payment.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

By paying the nonrefundable registration fee, and all applicable fees thereafter, you agree to enroll your child into iTeach...iTutor LLC's in-house tutoring, private tutoring, group tutoring, Saturday School, OR Academy Programs. Under no circumstances will refunds be given--therefore, if your child does not stay in the selected program for the entirety of your agreement or Academy Program, a refund will not be issued. The registration fee ensures your child has a spot in our program. It and all other applicable fees, covers materials, supplies, and other expenses.