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iTeach...iTutor LLC


Private Tutoring

iTeach...iTutor LLC offers tutoring services right in the comfort of your home.

Group Tutoring

Parents may choose to enroll their child into group sessions which include the tutoring of up to 10 students at a time. 

Online Tutoring

Receive the same great services with our online tutoring 

Academy Programs

iTeach...iTutor offers educational services during spring break, winter break, and summer vacation.

*See pricing for scheduled dates.

*Academy times vary. Call for more details.

Subscription Services

iRead 4 FUN

With hundreds of books to select from, our book club subscription program allows your child to select a book of their choice to keep for an entire month. With their book, they'll receive an activity/project to complete which will continue to foster their love for reading.

Launches November 2021

Asynchronized Instruction

Our Asynchronized Instruction Program is an additional feature in which we assign weekly assignments to your child that specifically aligns with the reading and mathematics skills currently being taught to him/her in school, and during their tutoring session(s). This program allows your child to practice the skills at their own pace, so even when your child is not meeting with one of our tutors, he/she will still receive extra practice on those skills.

Homework Help

Need help on an assignment? No need to worry. With our homework help, our tutors are there to assist you even if it's outside of your tutoring session.

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Hola. ¿Le encantaría que su hijo aprendiera español? Ahora pueden con nuestra clase de español.

Hi. Would you love for your child to learn Spanish? Now they can with our Spanish class.

*Temporarily unavailable

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